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  • High-speed travel-ready charger: Universal voltage compatibility allows you to charge at high-speed wherever you are driving huge cars like truck or mini cars like microcar

  • High-speed universal charging: TP-Link smart charging, identifies the connected devices and delivers the possible fast charge (doesn't support Qualcomm Quick charge), working well with devices running iOS, Android, Windows and other USB-charged devices

  • Powerful 6.6 A/33 W output: Deliver the high possible output to three of any devices at the same time, from devices with large battery like tablets, iPad and digital camera, to gadgets with tiny battery like smart band

  • Protected and certified: 100 percent safe charging with over-voltage, over current, over-heating, short circuit, power overload, electro static discharge and power surge; recyclable.

  • Contemporary design: Ultra-compact build, twin USB ports, soft blue LED blue indicator with glory silver blonde cap on the top